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About Us

Welcome To Infratrader


We’re here to help make your money work harder. Not only do we aim to be the best broker for retail and institutional traders, our in-demand commodities fund management programs from InfraSonic are highly customisable and suitable for all investment appetites.

With years of trading experience and robust Artificial Intelligence infrastructure, we have consistently generated high returns to our investors.

our mission

Infratrader Mission

We aim to become one of the best and in-demand brokers in the industry. We plan to achieve this using a powerful combination of profitability, efficiency and excellent customer service.

When you add InfraSonic managed accounts to your investment portfolio, you can rely on a singular dedication to producing performance that exceeds the overall market significantly over the medium to long-term, while managing your capital carefully in unstable market conditions.

our Vision

Golden Solution

Driven by an unrelenting passion for profits, we constantly pursue the light of intellectual innovation, creating golden solutions that build fortunes for our clients every possible instance. We imbue our efforts with values that are essential to our success.

These principles inspire us to achieve the extraordinary while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, so that all who come to us know that we will handle their money well – as though it were our own.

License & Regulations


The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) is Canada’s financial intelligence unit (FIU). The Centre assists in the detection, prevention and deterrence of money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities. FINTRAC’s financial intelligence and compliance functions are a unique contribution to the safety of Canadians and the protection of the integrity of Canada’s financial system.

Infratrader is fully licensed and regulated under Fintrac with the following details:

MSB Registration Number : M20369362
Registered Name : Infratrader Limited
Trade Name : Infratrader

License & Regulations


The BLOOMBERG LEI is designed to uniquely identify legal entities that are participants in financial transactions, thereby helping to create greater transparency in the marketplace. The standard for this identifier and its associated reference data has been established in ISO 17442. It has been accepted for global use and has become a reporting requirement for several market regulators and authorities.

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Most notably, the LEI has been a requirement of MiFID II for all counterparties to transactions. In addition, several regulatory authorities in countries outside Europe also already require financial counterparties to obtain an LEI for various trade and transaction reporting activities.

The Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) will obligate participants to meet requirements for LEI registration. The intention of the regulation is to promote transparency in the financial system, specifically of the securities financing transaction market

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Infratrader is fully licensed and regulated under LEI with the following details:

Lei Number :  2549003KR6FG0VZVNT31
Legal Name : Infratrader Limited

Know More About us

The Infratrader Story

Infratrader is a product of hard work, forward-thinking and a strict set of business values that have seen us ride through the ups and downs of financial trading unscathed.


Our Humble Beginnings

We started out as a simple forex signals provider based in Central America with a vision to go global.


Global Pursuit

We entered the global market with a new direction, new branding with an exquisitely designed website and investor portal.


Investment in Technology

Large investments are made to A.I. trading & advanced trading platform integration.


Launch of Managed Funds Program

Introducing Broker program (IB) with the best payout to investor/client.


Expansion to Asia

Officially expanding to the Southeast Asia region.


Further License & Regulations

Successfully obtain Canada Fintrac License to be more transparent and regulated.


International Financial Institution Certificate (LEI)

Infratrader successfully obtained a LEI certification via Bloomberg to further create financial transparency & trust in the international markets.

Infratrader Chief Executive Director’s Message

Grow Revenue With Innovation & Focusing on Customers’ Needs.

Over the past few years there has been huge and positive effects from the globalisation wave. With low interest rates to boost the Covid economy, the price of money was low and risk taking high. However, global growth has still not come back with full force, despite years of lower and even negative interest rates. Government debts worldwide have grown and low interest rates have not restored global economic growth.

I usually divide the journey into different phases, and they have of course been affected by large external developments. We have learned to really live and learn from the journey. So often it is the journey, not the destination itself, that is important. How will Infratrader accomplish this? First is to reform the management platform, further evolving from investing to managing and increasing Infratrader’s liquidity.

We exist to provide innovative and customer based products and services to our esteemed Clients with utmost devotion and diligence so as to enhance their direct participation in wealth accumulation.

I want to reiterate, we are still earnestly committed to provide the highest quality of services and being proactively innovative for our clients. We do this with nothing short of full dedication and sacrifice.

Yours Sincerely,
Bob Mcilwaine

Infratrader Chief Executive Director (CED)

  • Bob Mcilwaine

    Mr. Mcllwaine is an experienced Financial Services executive with a strong track record for growth in the financial industry. Formerly a CFO with extensive experience in managing rapid growth, M&A structuring, and SEC reporting, upon joining Infratrader, he has spearheaded several successful innovations and partnerships, including InfraSonic.

    His education in Finance (University of California, Los Angeles – 2005) and MBA (London Business School – 2010) allows him to make crucial decisions and advancement from both management and the financial point of view.