Indices Trading

Indices Trading

Trade CFDs On Spot Indices With Low Margin

Extended trading hours and the possibility of trading both long and short positions, attracts active traders, seeking high returns and portfolio diversification.

We are providing our clients with competitive trading conditions for entering and trading in one of the broadest markets in the world.

Indices Trading

Why Trade Indices?

CFDs on indices can be traded with the margin as low as 1%; this means $100 will control a $10,000 position. Check out the variety and advantages of our trading accounts.

Indices Markets

Indices markets provide traders with exposure to the global market, allowing them to benefit from numerous investment opportunities.


Trade UK 100, NASDAQ and Germany 30 on the award-winning trading platform and ensure your straightforward access to one of the most competitive trading environments.

Indices Trading

Indices trading allows higher volatility compared to other financial instruments.

Indices Trading

Trading Indices Online

Trading indices online is a great way to speculate on the world’s top financial markets and keep abreast of the top stock markets. Indices are financial derivatives that are calculated as a weighted average of share prices of top performing companies listed on the exchange.

Symbol As low as Margin Requirement Trading Hours (Server Time) Monday to Friday
EU50Cash 15 2% 29:05-22:55
JPY225Cash 5 1% 3:00-9:20, 10:20-20:50
US30Cash 2 1% 9:05-22:55
FRA40Cash 150 1% 9:05-22:55
AUS200Cash 250 2% 01:00-07:20, 08:20-23:55

The company reserve the rights to change the pairs and spread

Name Swap Long Swap Short
Australia 200 Spot Index CFD
-0.182 -0.093
Brent Crude Oil Spot
-49 2
Euro Stoxx 50 Spot Index CFD
-0.053 -0.113
France CAC40 Spot Index CFD
-0.38 -0.49
Germany 30 (DAX) Spot Index CFD
-1.15 -1.25
Symbol Name Minimum Price Fluctuation Size of 1 Lot Value on 1 Lot per Index point Minimum Contract Size Minimum Step For Increasing Contract Size
US100Cash US Nasdaq100 Spot Index CFD 0.01 1 X index 1 USD 1 1
US30Cash US Dow Jones 30 Spot Index CFD 1 1 X index 1 USD 1 1
US500Cash US S&P500 Spot Index CFD 0.001 1 X index 1 USD 1 1
EU50Cash Euro Stoxx 50 Spot Index CFD 0.01 1 X index 1 EUR 1 1
FRA40Cash France CAC40 Spot Index CFD 0.01 1 X index 1 EUR 1 1