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Infratrader Expands Its Trading Instruments to Include Cryptocurrencies

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / May 11, 2021 / Infratrader, one of the leading
brokers in the world, has include tradable cryptocurrencies, including BTC,
XRP, ETH, BCH, and etc. With the introduction of these cryptocurrencies,
Infratrader investors and traders are now able to leverage on the volume and
potential of these tokens to tighten their trading strategies and strengthen
their portfolios

The cryptocurrencies added all have market capitalizations in excess of 10
Billion USD, are highly liquid and well supported across multiple exchanges.
Infratrader, well known for its deep liquidity, low fees and best execution
prices, has one of the best environments for traders trade various instruments
easily and efficiently. In addition to cryptocurrencies, Infratrader also
allows traders to access various other markets such as commodities, ETFs,
futures & shares.

Infratrader representative Mr. Damon Phillips added: “In 2021, no investment
vehicles provide the same ease of entry and profit potential as
cryptocurrencies. Our members benefit greatly from the new opportunities as
well as our award winning trading environment and conditions. These additions
highlight our commitment to provide our members with the latest and best
trading opportunities to allow them to trade with no holds barred.”

About Infratrader

Infratrader is one of the world’s leading brokerage, focusing on commodities
and cryptocurrencies. Driven by an unrelenting passion to serve our members,
Infratrader constantly pursue the light of intellectual innovation, creating
golden solutions that build fortunes for our clients every possible instance.
We imbue our efforts with values that are essential to our success, to expand
internationally and become a global financial powerhouse. Infratrader boasts a
comprehensive administrative support, state-of-the-art IT systems and
excellent risk control protocols.