[Announcement] – Withdrawal Fees & Conversion Rate During Promo Period

As stated in the company’s withdrawal terms, the standard conversion rate of USD to USDT is 1:0.97 and there is a USD5 withdrawal fee incurred for every withdrawal request.

However, in order to promote and support our newly opened Vietnam market and investors, the company is glad to announce that the withdrawal fee of USD5 is void until 31st August 2021. Furthermore, the conversion rate for USD to USDT has been increased to 1:1 as well.

Promo Period (until 31st August 2021):
Deposit – no charge ; 1:1 USD to USDT
Withdrawal – no charge ; 1:0.97 USD to USDT

After promo period (after 31st August 2021)Deposit – USD5 ; 1:1.03
Withdrawal – USD5 ; 1:0.97

If there are any outstanding questions and queries, feel free to contact us via the support ticket system.

We thank you for your support and vote of confidence.